How To Deposit Money To Skrill In Ghana Using MTN Mobile Money

You have heard that skrill is an e-commerce business accepted in Ghana. You probably know how to deposit money to skrill. What you'd like to know is how to add money to skrill using MTN Mobile Money. You're here for that, aren't you? Carry on!

For now (25/07/2018), skrill only allows MTN Mobile Money withdrawal. This means that it is not possible to directly add money to skrill using MTN Mobile Money. Note that we used the word directly. If you connected your MTN Mobile Money account to skrill because you thought you could do Mobile Money deposits - know that as at today it is not possible to directly add money to skrill via MTN Mobile Money. Direct impossibility does not imply outright impossibility. We can still add money to skrill in Ghana without a bank account or credit card.

Let's work backward.  To deposit money to skrill using mobile money, you're required to register with an e-currency exchanger that accepts skrill. In Ghana, almost all e-currency exchangers accept Mobile Money. An  e-currency exchanger that is of interest to you is one which accepts SKRILL. Make sure you only register with a legit company.

We'll recommend a Ghanaian e-currency exchanger in a few days to come. For now, we're merely providing information on how to.  Find a legit e-currency exchanger in GHANA and register with them. What follows is knowable. After registering, simply deposit money into that account using mobile money and then transfer that money into your SKRILL ACCOUNT.  Need I say more?

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